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The process is simple. 

1. Schedule a 30 minute Discovery Call with Debra.

2. After completing your application, you will get a link via email to the Retreat Team's website where you will be able to review your choice of accommodations and complete the intake form.

3. Once that process is complete, the next email will be to set up your personal coaching sessions before and after the retreat. 

What to Expect

In a field where seeking mental health support can be stigmatized, Redman Reset Retreats provide a safe and nurturing environment for participants to explore their lives authentically. Under the guidance of nationally certified Health and Wellness coaches and certified positive psychology and breathwork facilitators, attendees will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


The retreat experience begins long before the arrival at Pendle Hill, with personalized and group preparation sessions. During the retreat, participants engage in science-based education and experiential activities, followed by group integration and personalized coaching sessions post-retreat. Redman's holistic approach ensures that participants not only gain practical wellness tools but also cultivate a deeper understanding of self-care practices to share with colleagues and integrate into their personal and professional lives.


Recognizing the growing demand for mental health support within the veterinary community, Debra Redman is actively collaborating with industry leaders to secure sponsorships and scholarships for veterinary students, technicians, and support staff. Veterinary consortiums are exploring Redman Reset Retreats as part of their EAP programs and continuing education initiatives. Many state veterinary boards are also revising their CE requirements to include mental health and wellness credits, positioning Redman Reset Retreats as a benchmark standard in this evolving landscape.

Discover Breathwork

Breathwork is a proven method for improving mental health and a technique we teach at our retreats. Learn more about this ancient strategy to re-center, even in high-stress environments.

Why Should You Attend the Retreat?

Did you know that veterinarians and equine practitioners are more susceptible to mental health illnesses based on their profession? In a recent study of 11,000 veterinarians, here's what we found...

More Likely to Die by Suicide


Suffer from Depressive


Have Thoughts of Suicide or Suicide Ideation


Veterinarians, including equine practitioners, are 4 times more at risk of dying by suicide than the general population.

 Experience depressive episodes due to their workplace environment and professional nature.

Of those interviewed, 17% experienced suicide ideation, and 1% said they had actually attempted suicide.

Upcoming Retreat

Pendle Hill Retreat Center

September 30, 2024-October 4, 2024

Redman Reset Retreats transcend conventional retreat experiences, blending health and wellness coaching with neuroscience and breathwork techniques. Rooted in the Wholebeing Framework, the five-day retreat promises to foster mental clarity, strengthen the mind-body connection, improve emotional regulation, and enhance resilience. Through immersive breathwork sessions, participants will unlock new perspectives and personal insights, facilitating profound self-growth.

Request More Information

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