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Meet Debra

Debra Redman is recognized by many as a person who can readily offer help and support. Her innate ability to establish common ground creates a safe and comfortable environment for those around her. Debra's life journey has not only been transformative for herself but has also significantly impacted the lives of others through her use of simplicity and common sense. Her exceptional skill in interacting with people is evident in her capacity to positively transform lives.

Debra's Approach

Driven by hope, Debra is an easy-going and cheerful individual whose optimism is contagious. She possesses a unique talent for reading the energy of those she works with, enhancing her capability to ask insightful questions and prompts. This skill is critical in unlocking an individual’s full potential. With over 15,000 hours of life coaching experience and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, Debra excels in making educated intuitive guesses. These guesses are informed by her personal life experiences and a deep understanding of human nature, allowing her to approach situations without judgment.

Debra firmly believes that there is no life experience shared with her that she hasn't, in some form, related to herself. Her approach to life coaching is centered on caring for her clients' well-being. She aims to help them recognize that their challenges are often hidden opportunities, transforming perceived demons into angels in disguise. Debra is skilled in planting seeds of manifestation in her clients, activating growth, and managing the resultant ripples of energy. Her guidance is instrumental in helping individuals realize and achieve their dreams.

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