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The Redman
Reset Retreat for Corporate Training & Development

RACE -Accredited Mental Health Retreats for Veterinary  Corporations & Teams

Redman Reset Retreats offer a fusion of neuroscience, movement, and breathwork that teaches you how to use your own intuitive knowledge to facilitate a holistic growth process that works in your life. These retreats provide a serene environment where participants can engage in transformative practices, fostering mental clarity, emotional balance, and a deeper connection with themselves and nature. Through guided sessions, attendees will experience profound insights and a renewed sense of well-being, all under the expert guidance of Debra and her team. 

How Can Redman Reset Retreats Benefit Your Team?

Welcome to Redman Reset Retreats, where mental health meets strategic professional development for the veterinary industry. As a training and development executive decision maker, you understand the importance of investing in your team's well-being and growth.

Our retreats offer accredited education through the AAVSB's Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) program, ensuring that participants gain valuable skills while earning continuing education credits. Through innovative techniques like breathwork, we provide practical tools for managing stress and trauma, essential for thriving in the demanding veterinary field.

By sending your employees to Redman Reset Retreats, you're not just investing in their individual growth; you're investing in the success and resilience of your entire veterinary organization. Join us in prioritizing mental wellness and professional excellence with Redman Reset Retreats.

Personalized Attention

Each team member receives a personalized itinerary focused on individual growth, free from distractions of partners or groups. This tailored approach fosters genuine personal development and learning experiences that surpass generic measures.

Partner Support Development

Equip your team and practitioners with the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate newfound knowledge into their daily practice. Additionally, we offer Partner Support Development sessions as an optional feature, providing education to partners or support networks on effective strategies for offering assistance.


Prior to the retreat, we actively engage with your team through personalized individual and group Zoom sessions to cultivate a strong sense of community. This collaborative approach enables us to tailor our itinerary and set intentions based on valuable feedback, ensuring a meaningful and impactful event experience.

Integration Support

Following the event, participants will have access to individual and group sessions aimed at integrating their experiences and sustaining the connections formed during the retreat.

Sponsor a corporate retreat or request a private retreat for your team with Debra Redman Reset Retreats

Benefits of the Redman Reset Retreat


Improved Mental Health

Your team will explore mental health practices to manage trauma and chaos in the work place. These mental health tools and strategies will shape the workplace, boosting culture, and improving wellness among staff.



Redman Reset Retreats are tailored to the individual. With a personalized process throughout, we provide a journey of self-discovery based on each individual's current status and needs providing the ultimate tools for success.


Educational Tools

Our strategies and techniques for managing stress and improving mental health are proven and can be shared among your team. Improve overall well-being by sharing our proven practices with your entire team.

Discover Our


Our retreats take place in facilities designed for large groups, allowing space to explore nature and practice individually. Our upcoming retreat is taking place at Pendle Hill Retreat Center.

Meet Your Host

Debra Redman

As an equine care professional of 15 years, Debra has worked with equine veterinarians and has a deep appreciation for the stress a 24/7/365 practice can take on mental health and wellness. Debra Redman is a nationally certified Health and Wellness Coach with over 15,000 hours of experience in mental health and wellness. She holds a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and numerous certifications in trauma-informed continuing education, alternative consciousness practices, and somatic experiencing modalities. Debra's diverse client base ranges from corporate lawyers and media professionals to scientists and venture capitalists. She skillfully guides individuals through various life challenges, including health crisis, relationship issues, professional workplace issues, and existential awakening. 


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