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Resiliency Workshop

Learn Emotional Regulation with Horses

  • Ended
  • 487 US dollars
  • Online and Phone

Service Description

I have learned that people observing the interactions of horses and participants during workshop exercises has value for both activity participant and observer. This six week Zoom workshop is uses video footage from real client sessions to teach emotional regulation, soft skills, nonverbal communication, problem solving skills, leadership, assertiveness, flexibility, and adaptability. All of these are skills that we need particularly now, during the COVID19 pandemic. If you have children that could benefit from participating in this workshop, I encourage you to work together. Children are very good observers. Getting them to talk about the lessons and doing some of the homework themselves is a good way to stay engaged throughout the day. Every week during this six week program, we will have one 60- or two 30-minute phone calls. All for the price of $487/6 weeks. Workshop Agenda: * Week One: Creating Presence Horses mirror our inner state of being. Our subconscious and semi-conscious emotional state is reflected back to us. How do we work with this out in the world? * Week Two: Assertiveness Vs. Aggressiveness Anxiety levels are increased when we live in fear of hurting others. When we learn how to set healthy boundaries, we feel more in control of our emotions and actions. Both children and adults struggle with these concepts. Horses have a lot to teach about Power Over vs. Power With. * Week Three: Overcoming the Diagnosis We can live with a mental health or physical diagnosis and let it control our lives or we can overcome those limitations. Learning to understand and accept our strengths and weaknesses is one of the hardest things to accomplish when you are in the middle of "stuff." Horses expose our limitations but also teach us how to overcome them. * Week Four: Problem Solving Fear of failure is another big anxiety producer that impacts our ability to do anything, frankly. It inhibits the creativity required to solve problems, both big and small. Horses require creative problem solving all of the time. * Week Five: Nonverbal Communication All social skills are rooted in our understanding and interpretation of nonverbal communication. Being aware of our own energy and how our behavior impacts others is one of the most important skills horses can teach. * Week Six: Future Planning All of the Self-skills - esteem, confidence, control - go out into the world. In this last workshop, we bring everything together.

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