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Empowering Veterinary Professionals: Nurturing Minds, Enriching Lives

Upcoming Redman Reset Retreats

Pendle Hill Retreat Center

September 30, 2024-October 4, 2024

Redman Reset Retreats transcend conventional retreat experiences, blending health and wellness coaching with neuroscience and breathwork techniques. Rooted in the Wholebeing Framework, the five-day retreat promises to foster mental clarity, strengthen the mind-body connection, improve emotional regulation, and enhance resilience. Through immersive breathwork sessions, participants will unlock new perspectives and personal insights, facilitating profound self-growth.

Meet Debra Redman

Debra Redman has an eclectic background that blends over 15,000 hours of certified health and wellness life coaching with professional certification in non-ordinary consciousness facilitation, and certified equine specialist in mental health and learning. Life Coaching, Horses, and Breathwork Facilitation. As a seasoned equine care professional with 15 years of experience Debra dedicated her expertise to developing a unique mental health and wellness retreat tailored specifically for the veterinary industry. Inspired by the tireless dedication of equine veterinarians, it is the first breathwork retreat with significant hours of life coaching support to be approved by the AAVSB (American Association of Veterinary State Boards) for continuing education.. 


Mental Health Matters

Did you know that veterinarians and equine practitioners are more susceptible to mental health illnesses based on their profession? In a recent study of 11,000 veterinarians, here's what we found...

More Likely to Die by Suicide


Suffer from Depressive


Have Thoughts of Suicide or Suicide Ideation


Veterinarians, including equine practitioners, are 4 times more at risk of dying by suicide than the general population.

 Experience depressive episodes due to their workplace environment and professional nature.

Of those interviewed, 17% experienced suicide ideation, and 1% said they had actually attempted suicide.

Discover Breathwork

Breathwork is a proven method for improving mental health and a technique we teach at our retreats. Learn more about this ancient strategy to re-center, even in high-stress environments.

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